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2F JSO Building, 210 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City, Philippines, 1105

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What are the different workspace solutions offered by CO & CO Works?

We offer different workspace solution that fit to the new lifestyle such as:

  • Private Office
  • Virtual Office
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Coworking Hot Desk
  • Meeting Room
  • Event Space

As an added feature, we have business support to make working easier.

What is the operating hours?
We are open from Mondays to Saturdays 8AM to 6 PM.
Are walk-ins accepted by CO & CO Works?

Walk-in clients are welcome to CO & CO Works, but we suggest to book prior to arrival to reserve a slot for you.

How do I book a tour?

You can reach us through +63 916 372 8567 or You can also book through our website,

What are the inclusions per package?

You can check out: Workspace Solutions

How do I book a workspace? What happens once I reserve a space?

You can reach us through +63 916 372 8567 or You can also reach us through our social media accounts:  


FB page:  

IG page:

What is CO & CO Works’ pet policy?

As much as we want to entertain our fur friends here at CO & CO Works, our Building Management does not allow this.

Are guests allowed to visit me? How do I register my guests?

Yes, guests are allowed to visit you anytime by informing the Front Desk of their Name/s, Date, and Time of Visit. If your guests would like to work for the day, we can offer them the Hot Desks with corresponding charges.

Do you have Parking spaces available?

Yes, we do. Our building has parking spaces on a first come first serve basis.

How do I book a meeting room? And is it possible to cancel if so?

You can book the Meeting room by informing the Front Desk. Should you cancel the booking, kindly inform us at least 6 hours beforehand so we can open the slot for other clients.

I lost my key to my office. What do I do?

When your Office key gets lost, kindly report it to the Front Desk. A spare key will be provided with a minimal charge.

How do I get notified of a Mail and/or Package delivery?

Once a mail and/or package arrives, we will inform you through your mobile number or email.

Do you have IT assistance?

CO & CO Works gives IT assistance such as connecting to the wifi, setting up your laptops, and the like.

Does my office come with a phone?

CO & CO Works has a phone in the Reception, Meeting room, or Lounge Area. You can use these anytime should you need to call someone.

Can I take phone calls or zoom calls in the Coworking space?

CO & CO Works values the privacy of each Client. We have phonebooths where you can take your calls anytime. For calls with a long duration, kindly reserve your slot with the Front Desk.

How often will my office be cleaned?

The entire CO & CO Works is cleaned daily, every morning and trash shall be emptied every end of the day.

Is eating allowed in my office?

CO & CO Works allows food and beverages, with exemption to dishes with strong smells, to be consumed inside the offices and in the coworking spaces. Clients must be mindful of disposing of their food properly in the Pantry trash can to prevent pests from entering the offices.

Can I bring my own food and drinks inside?

Yes, of course. Just be mindful to clean as you go and dispose of trash in the waste bins.

Can I rearrange the furniture of CO & CO Works?

CO & CO Works has designed each space with the most productive layout but nonetheless, we give you the freedom to rearrange the furniture to your preference.

Can I bring in my own furniture?

For Clients who book the Private offices, bringing your own furniture is allowed.

What is CO & CO Works’ signage policy?

For Private Offices, CO & CO Works shall provide a slot for your logo/signage to be displayed. We shall give you the dimensions of the space for you to display your logo.

I need more desks or space to accommodate my team. How do I request this?

Please inform the Front Desk or send us an email at

Can I drill or stick items on the wall?

CO & CO Works does not allow any permanent drilling or installations on the wall.

How do I print my documents using my printing credits?

Please inform the Front Desk should you want to print using your credits.

How do I print my documents if I exceed my printing credits?

Please inform the Front Desk for assistance.

Do you have binding services?

Yes, we offer binding services at a minimal cost to help you be more presentable.

Can I bring my own printer inside the Private office?

Yes, you can bring your own printer if you book the Private office for at least a month.

What is CO & CO Works’ refrigeration policy?

Private offices are allowed to store perishable items in the refrigerator using their designated space. CO & CO Works shall dispose of any stored items every Saturday end of the day.

What is CO & CO Works’ policy on alcoholic beverages?

CO & CO Works allows drinking of Alcoholic beverages on Thursday - Saturday nights only. Clients should be responsible of disposing of their beverages thereafter.

Do you serve food and beverages?

Yes, CO & CO Works offers complimentary coffee and biscuits.  

We also sell hot and cold drinks and snacks for you to enjoy.

A kitchen appliance is not working in the pantry. What should I do?

Please inform the Front Desk for assistance.

What are the additional fees that I need to pay for?

For packages, there are no additional fees to pay for except if you bought Food & Beverages from the Pantry or printed from the Printing Station without printing credits.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer Cash, GCash, Bank Transfers, or Credit Card payments.

What is the start date of my Workspace?

Your start date is the date you chose to start and is indicated in your Contract.

When do I receive by monthly billings?

CO & CO Works shall send you an invoice 5 days before the end of your monthly term. The monthly payment shall be paid to CO & CO Works on or before the start date of each month.  

For example, if your monthly contract starts every 15th of the month, you will receive billing on the 10th. Payment shall be made before the 15th.  

You can also opt to pay for the whole lease contract at the very start of your stay in CO  & CO Works or postdated checks can be another option.

Are there late fees?

If we have not received a monthly payment from you after 5 days of the start date, a 10% late fee shall be charged for the said month.

What is CO & CO Works’ cancellation policy?

For Coworking Hot Desks and Meeting room bookings, cancellation is allowed at least 1 day prior to reservation. For Event Space, cancellation 5 days prior to the event is allowed.  

For Dedicated Desks, Private Offices, and Virtual Offices, termination of the contract is allowed anytime until the end of your current month.

What is CO & CO Works’ refund policy?

For Coworking Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Packages, refunds are not allowed if you have started your package already.  

For Private offices and Virtual offices, the remaining months shall be refunded after 10 working days. However, your security deposit will not be refunded anymore.

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